Free Launcher 1.04

No Image With Free Launcher you may easily start your programs by a click or using an alias. You may add as many aliases as you like. Free Launcher is located in the tray and won`t interfere your usual activity. The software has "Load at startup" and "Autohide" options that should make your life even more easier. Free Launcher is a free software and it does not contain any bad-ware.

Skype Portable Launcher 1.3: Run your Skype from USB flash drive, carry your application, profile, settings
Skype Portable Launcher 1.3

Launcher - the utility for launching Skype from a flash drive. Run your Skype application directly from your portable drive with no need of installation. Carry your Skype profile, settings, history and received files always with you. Portable Skype Launcher allows - Automatic copying of Skype application - Automatic copying of Skype profile - Automatic checking for newer Skype version We would like to emphasize that our Launcher is not a substitution

usb flash drive, codysafe, portable application, removable disk, skype portable, portableapps

Enso Launcher 2846: Enso Launcher provides instant access to your applications and windows.
Enso Launcher 2846

Launcher typically takes just over half a second—20 times faster than the Start menu. Enso Launcher`s open command places applications, websites, and files at your fingertips. No more time wasted digging through the Start menu; no more time spent learning your web browser`s latest Bookmarks system. Enso Launcher even passes the Over the Phone Test—which the Start menu certainly doesn`t do. Your Favorites Favorites, bookmarks, "most recently used

keyboard shortcut, user interface, launcher

Astatix Launcher 1.63: Quick start any application in a single click and control Winamp with hotkeys.
Astatix Launcher 1.63

Launcher differs from other related software by a unique and handy interface. This program contains many ways of adjusting the program to the user`s taste. Launcher represents applications with multicolored rectangular bars with titles and icons of the applications or documents, which are placed on the borders of the screen. They can be located at the top, bottom, left or right edge of the screen, depending on adjustments. On the screen, the ends

winamp control, windows, documents, desktop, shortcuts, launcher, texture, interface, hotkeys, shell, transparency, application, enhancements

QuickClick Launcher 1.0: QuickClick Launcher An easy to use Application and File launcher...
QuickClick Launcher 1.0

QuickClick Launcher is an easy to use Application and file Launcher. Applications, files, internet short cuts etc. are added by simple “drag and drop”, into 1 of 8 categories. Launching an Application can be achieved by opening the relevant category and clicking on the Applications Icon or by typing the Applications name into the search function. QuickClick works with Windows user accounts maintaining separate launch lists for each user.

file launcher, drag and drop, application launcher, windows xp

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Prg Text Launcher 1.0

Launcher is a desktop tool to open applications, files, folders, URLs, e-mails in three steps. The program provides an easy way to starting your tasks or switching between tasks quickly. You do not even focusing on computer monitors! Come on! Press Ctrl + Enter, type a keyword as `ie`, then press Enter. You will find that everything is so relaxed. Prg Text Launcher Contains many useful tools for users to complete a variety of tasks,such as shut down

launch, text launcher, launcher, a desktop tool, launch in three steps, startup faster, quick access, open applications, quick start

NLauncher 1.7: NLauncher offers direct, one-click access to any program, folder, file or URL.
NLauncher 1.7

NLauncher is a desktop organizing utility that enables users to free the desktop from icons, folders and files by moving them to the multilevel pop-up menu. The menu can be placed on one side of the desktop or split into left and right panels and placed on both sides. The NLauncher menu is a one-click way for launching any user-defined applications, opening folders, files, Control Panel items, URLs, and sending e-mails to any specified address.

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